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  • Tim’s Autobiography ‘There’s No Such Word As Can’t!’

    British international showjumper, Tim Stockdale, tells the story of his rise from humble, non-horsey beginnings to equestrian stardom in his new autobiography, ‘There’s No Such Word As Can’t!’

    Published on December 8, 2012, the book relates how Tim fought his way to become one of the most well-known faces in British and world showjumping. He has represented his country on more than 50 Nations Cup teams, at European Championships, the World Equestrian Games and at the 2008 Olympic Games. Notably, in 2010, Tim achieved his lifetime ambition of winning the Royal International Horse Show’s coveted King George V Gold Cup.

    Tim has also become known as TV personality, having appeared in Channel 4’s ‘Cutting Edge’ and ‘Faking It’ shows; and the BBC’s ‘Only Fools On Horses’ series. He also presents and commentates for Sky TV Sports.

    Written in a frank, straight-to-the-point, entertaining way, the book charts Tim’s progress from his early days as a reluctant novice at a small country riding school to the bright lights and glamour of the world’s top equestrian arenas. He talks about the people he’s met and been influenced by along the way; about his many horses; and about the trials, as well the triumphs, of his career. Tim’s story is packed with amusing anecdotes which give a rare insight to the world of professional showjumping.

    The autobiography was prompted by Tim’s reflections of his life as he lay in hospital with serious spinal injuries following a near-tragic accident at the end of 2011.

    Explained Tim: “At that frightening time, I didn’t know whether I’d ever walk properly again, never mind ride horses. Thankfully, with the help of some of the finest medical experts available, I pulled through, regained fitness and am now back competing at the highest level.

    “Since then, so many people – especially youngsters coming into the sport –have asked me about my life and career, about what it takes to get to the top and how to overcome serious adversity, that I decided to put my story down in writing. The title, ‘No Such Word As Can’t!’, sums it up neatly.”


    ‘No Such Word As Can’t!’ by Tim Stockdale: Publication date, December 8, 2012.

    Hardback 256 pages, plus 24 colour pages.
    ISBN 978-0-9574750-0-7
    RRP: £20 UK
    – available from www.timstockdale.cm

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