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    Tim Stockdale is one of the best-known faces in British showjumping. His own road to international glory began as a keen Pony Club member, when his talent was apparent from early on. Tim, however, doesn’t come from a horsey background. His is a tale of hard work and determination. It’s a fine example of what can be achieved through true grit, ambition, drive and motivation, which is probably what makes him one of the most liked, approachable and admired showjumpers around today.

    The idea behind this book is to provide a light, entertaining read, an uplifting account of the most notable, memorable and inspiring events of his life and career – including a brief look at his childhood and the early riding years. It features many light-hearted anecdotal tales about some of the jobs he did to make ends meet, his first steps on the showjumping ladder, and how he successfully combines his showjumping career with a thriving business as a trainer of horses and riders.

    As a great raconteur, after-dinner speaker and adept teller of stories, Tim’s frankness and ability to ‘tell it as it is,’ as he charts his way through the good times, the bad, the highs and lows of a life with horses, will certainly make people smile.

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